Validating password using javascript

Each new user of Echo Link must provide proof of license before access is granted.

This is to ensure that only licensed Amateurs have access to the system, and to ensure that each user is using a valid callsign that he or she is authorized to use.

In this example, we are going to validate the name and password.

What if the user manually edits the URL, or runs their own Javascript, or tweaks their HTTP requests with another tool?Yes, client side validation can be totally bypassed, always.You need to do both, client side to provide a better user experience, and server side to be sure that the input you get is actually validated and not just supposedly validated by the client.I guess the better question would be, Are there any benefits to doing server side validation over client side? Here's why: You want to validate input on the client side first because you can give better feedback to the average user.For example, if they enter an invalid email address and move to the next field, you can show an error message immediately.

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