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At many large state schools like UW-Madison, Van Orman says, “most of our students are living off campus, and most of those students who are assaulted are assaulted off campus.” In an effort to protect students’ privacy, the Clery Act also exempts certain employees, such as licensed mental-health counselors and religious advisers, from adding disclosures to the Clery tally.

The college intervenes in several ways: by relocating victims of sexual assault who might feel uncomfortable in their dorm rooms or apartments; by moving students living off-campus to college grounds for 10 days at no cost and helping them find new accommodations; by providing modest financial assistance; by transferring students from classes in which their assailant also is enrolled; and even by enabling certain students to finish their degrees elsewhere if they are being stalked or otherwise harassed.Alcohol was involved in about two out of every three incidents.And most women knew their attackers at least casually.Students who report sexual assaults to authorities often must endure a difficult ordeal that can include medical exams, interviews, counseling, court appearances and more.But schools, police departments, hospitals and nonprofits, such as People Against Rape, offer a range of support and advocacy services and interventions.

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When we asked Sarah Van Orman, the executive director of health services at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, about the discrepancy between the two figures at her school, she said the AAU’s claim that 133 students reported a rape last year was a realistic estimate—even though only 22 show up in UW-Madison’s 2014 Clery statistics. The differences point to flaws in the way campuses quantify sexual violence under the labyrinthine Clery Act, which requires institutions to collect and publish the number of offenses reported to law enforcement, deans, victim advocates, resident advisers, coaches, and other “campus security authorities” by October 1 each year.

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