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Over the course of the weekend tens of thousands of enthusiastic fans descend on the venue for three days of gaming, technology, gadgets, and geek lifestyle entertainment.

You can buy new games and consoles, chat with local comic book artists, or take selfies with your favourite cosplayers.

As OFW to CFW patching is done to the Core OS so a CFW PUP can then be installed directly over 4.82 OFW once the exploit patches the Core OS and allows the installation.

IF you have a Console that could be downgraded and were past 3.55 OFW, you now have a viable 100% software option, Additional details can be found at the source (link at bottom of the post) Sony drops 4.82 OFW for the PS3 (Likely has patched PS3Xploit's 4.81 OFW exploit), Its advised not to update to 4.82 if your wanting to take advantage of the exploit, for models that are traditionally able to install CFW or be Downgraded to 3.55, those consoles (pre 25xx) will be able to use SOFTWARE DOWNGRADE (No hardware flasher needed!!!!

r Age provides a platform to touch and feel, try and experiment.

It is the place to go each year to see all the latest goodies presented in an accessible way and be surrounded by people who all share the same passion.

As pictured replace those blocks with something a bit more useful for you device with Homebrew Shortcuts. Also note a couple unofficial updates have been made by The Hero_ and can be seen over at Brewology's new Vita Store This multi-purpose / feature rich Homebrew is a MUST HAVE for any HENkaku exploited device, be it a PS Vita or the micro console counterpart the Play Station Vita or the Vita TV in other regions.

A rollercoaster decade-and-a-half culminated in the celebration of #15yearsofawesome at 2017’s really Awesome gaming expo (r Age), which took place between 6 October and 8 October.It revealed an industry that is South African cosplay is growing rapidly, with local cosplayers constantly refining their craftsmanship and skill levels – putting top local players on par with international cosplayers.r Age (the really Awesome Rush aims to bring a number of different esports tournaments and activities together under one roof.Gamers will spend 52 sleep-deprived hours playing multiplayer games on the same network, competing against each other, swapping stories while slaying dragons, and questing together.This is where long-time online friends finally meet in the flesh, and new friends are made over the weekend.

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Rush is where fans, supporters, enthusiasts and newcomers to esports will be able to experience the thrill of watching SA’s top gamers and teams/clans compete for prizes on dedicated stages, complete with big screens and live commentary.

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