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There is something characteristically dense and still – Hopper is one of his favourite painters – about much of Zumthor's architecture, which he often prefers to have photographed, or perhaps memorialised, in black and white. But in this living room, I feel like an Upmann Corona Major cigar at rest in a beautifully made humidor.Buildings such as his thermal baths at Vals in Switzerland, and the Kolumba museum in Cologne, create extraordinarily pregnant atmospheres in which light, shadow and shifts in acoustics give spaces something very like the tensions of a held breath, a momentarily mysterious vision, or a sudden cinematic stop-frame. And, in this single moment, I think I know what Peter Zumthor does.It is no surprise to hear him speak, with evident pleasure, about "the conceptual guys in the 1970s, like Richard Serra.I saw these Americans coming back to biography through material.The clouds are both above and below me and then, just past the ruinous walls of a monastery, the lane takes a final kink upwards. The building is so singularly itself that it can't even be called a type of architecture.It simply exists, a kind of land art or a perfectly crafted glacial outcrop consecrated to the god of this particular place.Yes, the pavilion resembles a cloister – but no, it isn't a cloister; there is something fugitive about the form that denies that label.The only definite thing that can be said about the design is that it is clearly prompted by the rectangular courtyard garden that partially divides Zumthor's home from his studio. Maybe you can feel that I'm honest in what I'm trying to do – this little boy trying to do his best. What you see is what you know I do." My socks are still sodden from the two-mile walk up to St Benedict's Chapel.

Architecture that is meant to have a sensuous connection to life calls forthinking that goes far beyond form and construction.It's the kind of rough, primevally mysterious conceptual material that would probably be slaughtered in a student "crit" at London's self-consciously cutting-edge Architectural Association.Peter Zumthor is immersed in things that are severely untrendy, and profoundly subtle: the relationships between places, memories, moods, atmospheres, films, art, theatre.Three hours after trudging back down to Sumvitg railway station, I'm gazing at something that is more dream than architecture: Zumthor's early conceptual drawings and model shots of the house in Devon that he is designing for Alain de Botton, for one of the lifestyle guru's Living Architecture series of holiday homes.The models are inchoate and very nearly formless – shards of slate, some overlapping, surrounded by crudely wired representations of trees.

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In Austria, he built Kunsthaus contemporary art museum in Bregenz - KUB (1997), while in Berlin he designed the Topographie des Terrors international documentation centre (2002).

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