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The Central Election Commission has established the date of early local elections for July 10.

Early elections will take place in Chisinau and another 12 settlements.

The documents of candidates for the Chisinau mayor-general post will be accepted starting Monday, May 23.

The Chisinau constituency election council will accept the documents in the Chisinau City Hall from to . Ivan Cucu, deputy chairman of the Central Election Commission, had earlier said that the persons willing to take part in the electoral race will have to submit an income declaration, a document confirming that the candidate holds the Moldovan citizenship, and criminal records in case "of any questions".

The adopted law provides the permission for TV and radio broadcasting of informative, analytical, military and political content that is produced in the countries that ratified the European Convention on Transborder Television, EU member states, US and Canada.

The law also stipulates sanctions for broadcasters that violate the law: from fines to canceling broadcasting licenses in less than 30 days by a court.

What is worth noting is that the Democrat oligarch Vlad Plahotniuc owns the most-watched TV channel Prime TV, who rebroadcasts Russian “Pervyi Kanal”, probably the most popular piece of Kremlin’s propaganda machine.

In recent years, at the invitation of the Moldovan government, NATO has worked to safely dispose of landmines and hazardous chemicals, to develop advanced medical technologies, to strengthen Moldova’s defenses against cyber-attack, and to improve governance and combat corruption.

The Liberals previously declared that the proposed measures to counteract the Russian propaganda are not sufficient and efficient.

The strongest opponent of the “anti-propaganda law”, President Igor Dodon declared on Facebook that the law .

President Igor Dodon still thinks that the opening of the NATO Office was made “in a rush” and contradicts the principle of permanent neutrality of Moldova.

Moreover, when meeting Secretary Gottemoeller, he suggested NATO signs a bilateral agreement with Moldova on permanently recognizing the neutrality of the latter. The changes were approved with the vote of 61 deputies, with the absence of the Communists’ Party MPs.

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