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But men, on average, are not afraid of commitment,” Regnerus writes.“The story is that men are in the driver’s seat in the marriage market and are optimally positioned to navigate it in a way that privileges their (sexual) interests and preferences.There’s something to it.” Meanwhile, many will go it alone.Self-love for men and women is at an all-time high.In generations past, women generally made men wait until marriage to have sex.To get a wife (and, therefore, sex), men had to be clean and presentable and have a good job.He surveyed 15,000 people and found that among unmarried respondents under 40, “for every 82 men who wished to be married, 100 women said the same.” This ratio, he says, keeps ultimate relationship power in the hands of men.

They do not want to be responsible for ‘raising’ men.

In the book, Christian Grey gets Anastasia Steele to agree to a series of submissive conditions, including “any sexual activity deemed fit and pleasurable” by him, with no such power returned on her end.

“I recognize that ‘Fifty Shades’ is fiction,” Regnerus writes. But when you sell 100 million copies in two years, your narrative is resonating.

Six percent more women than men in the 25-34 age group have a bachelor’s degree.

Regnerus backs this theory up with a quote from social psychologists Roy Baumeister and Kathleen Vohs, who study this phenomenon.

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Unsurprisingly, “as frequency of [watching] porn increased, so did masturbation.” All of this, Regnerus concludes, means that as long as sex is so low-cost for men, heterosexual women will have increasing difficulties finding a partner worth committing to.

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