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German team(s), Pakistani team(s) and so on), and then blur over time as alliances shift and friendships form etc.

In most MMOG’s (massively multiplayer online games), there are really two kinds of game going on: the game itself, and what we will call the ‘meta game’, which is the very human business of forging alliances, influencing other players, and so forth.

This article is based on the experiences of a friend and colleague, whom I will call Adam (not his real name).

An avid Facebook gamer, my friend has spent an average of 8 hours per day for more than two years playing “War Commander”, and other Facebook games.

and can change weak units into the most advanced units in the game.

These are designed to change variables such as increasing one’s gold or resources, or accelerating repairs or upgrades so that they take seconds rather than weeks.

You will immediately notice, for example, that the person possesses units that are only legitimately granted at a much higher level than theirs, or that they have multiples of a unit of which they’re only allowed to have a maximum of one, etc.

In fact, cheating can change the entire game experience.

What we are claiming is that insofar as the main ‘cheating engine’ tools used in Facebook games support most or all games on Facebook, this problem is pervasive and endemic.

However, it may well be the case that the in-game dynamics and the response of the developers to cheating in their games varies, and that the phonemenon plays itself out differently from game to game.

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According to figures from Facebook released in early 2013, more than 250 million people play every month, and the number keeps growing.

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