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Others in this cluster concentrate on the effects of conflict on the individual or society in general, or, as in Armitage’s ‘Out of the Blue’, use images of war to explore feelings of conflict in a wider sense.

An overview of the resources in this cluster An introduction to the activities and approaches included, with suggestions for picking, mixing and adapting.

In the middle of all this, there is the sudden fear and clear thoughts of the solider.

Resources can be downloaded on an individual PAYG basis or you can BECOME A MEMBER and get instant access to everything in our English teaching resources library. The poem elaborates the situation that many soldiers had to face.Going over the top is when the soldiers would climb out of the trench with their Long knives known as bayonets attached to the end of their rifles and head out on the battlefield to face heavy fire and mortar shells.The first paragraph is about an anonymous soldier in who gets out of the trench and charges ahead a midst the flailing bullets towards the enemy trench.It has a lot of metaphors and adjectives to guide our imagination.

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